My name is Simbala Désilles and I am thrilled to finally make available many of the creations and designs that I've put together over the years. Art, Hip Hop, and Fashion are elements in my life that have always been motivating and exciting to me. This project started back in my high school years, and I decided back then that I wanted to create something big that incorporated the elements in my life that moved me the most. This project has slowly evolved over time and has only begun taking shape after a dire need to overcome deep stages of healing, navigating through depression, loss, and grief. Through my internal struggle I was motivated to create something that would allow me to flourish as my authentic self. Street art and fashion are wonderful avenues where people are able to express their uniqueness outside of the conformities of the mainstream. Hip Hop is is a language and a movement that inspires freedom of expression and triumph through the struggle. Another element that I hold great reverence for is the many variations of indigenous adornments, traditions, and cultures around the world. My work reflects all of these elements. To further my mission to curate this project I am currently traveling the world and learning the life of an artist. I'm acquiring new techniques and connecting with talented people of multiple mediums. My goal is to become an international designer, muralist and entrepreneur. Recognizing and making known the priceless value of our natural world while learning and sharing sustainable minimalist practices are also an essential portion of this journey. The name G&D stems from the family names of my parents, Goodmond and Désilles as a way of paying homage to their creation of me. With that, it is an honor and a pleasure to finally be able to share my expressions and my adventures with you. My blog and new looks are finally here, and much more to come... Until then, stay tuned, shop, and enjoy! With much love, Peace! 

~Simbala Désilles xoxo


100% Cotton

Acrylic Paint

Hand Wash Only



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