Design Girl on an International Mission

November 25, 2017

 It has recently been a year (on November 13th) since I decided to make a big decision to move abroad to build a life better suited for myself as an artist. My initial plan was to come to Mexico City for a maximum of three months before heading to an artist residency in Brazil that I was accepted to during that time. Due to some poor, last-minute planning and financial mismanagement, my plans took an unexpected turn and I found myself somewhat stuck in Mexico City. It was with great luck that I was able to move into a spiritually creative household in a city that provided me with the comforts of an inspiring community and the conveniences of a central location. It was what I needed to truly pursue the development of this longterm project of mine. After three or four months of working tirelessly on hand-painted products, web-development, photography of the work, creating adds, and other little details, I hit a wall. I realized, after running out of money and time, that not only was I going to need to learn marketing strategies to best launch my work, but I was also going to need a job as soon as possible. At that point I had to pause my mission to regain some grounding to better prepare for the business launch. 

Quite quickly I was able to acquire a job teaching English. Being that my Spanish was poor when I first arrived, it was a miracle to obtain a job where speaking fluent Spanish was not a priority. I was grateful at the time, but soon after I learned that working in a job that had little to do with my personal artistic pursuits was quite unfulfilling. After a few unhappy months working as a teacher and being underpaid for my time and energy I was offered a job where I had been living, and where I currently still live. The house is a centrally located hostel and it requires a great amount of management. It was a blessing to be offered the job because I no longer needed to commute to work and spend hours of my time on something that wasn't in alignment with my mission. 

Miracles happen every day!

After being liberated from the 9-5 day job I was able to work at home and regain grounding and perspective in my own business and creative pursuits. One of the first jobs assigned to me at the house was to paint the very mural that is shown above. It became more and more clear that I was exactly where I needed to be, despite my failed mission to Brazil. I became one of the few key individuals to help develop and evolve this creative living space. To be included in such a great vision, and to provide an environment of inspiration, spirituality, and creativity has given me so much insight and vision of my own. I realized that I am capable of so much more than I thought. I began to genuinely step into my power while also recognizing my ability to manifest the life that I truly desire. Before working as a teacher I really wanted to work at the house where I was living. When I was offered the job it was confirmation that when my desires are focused and strong enough, they will come into fruition. I was able to conclude that I am more than capable of living as an artist and making a business with my creations. It doesn't stop there. I also concluded that I am a woman of the world and that my artistic and business pursuits should be projected on a worldly 

scale: internationally. Being in better alignment with my path has helped me envision my greater purpose.

Art has a powerful influence. It has such a range of impact where in some instances it can be healing and in others it can be manipulating; it all depends on the intentions behind the work. It is my wish to create work that inspires, heals, and brings joy to the audience. It is my wish to create a space for other artists to showcase their talents and influence the world with their expressions. It is my wish to one day provide grants for women entrepreneurs, artists, and artisans from around the world who are attempting to spearhead their own personal projects and businesses. 

My mission is international and my business is art focused! 

I am happy to still be in the space that has given me the courage to get my shit together and put myself out into the world. Instead of societal pressure, I feel supported and I feel like I can take all the time that I need to actualize my visions. I feel blessed to know where I am going, and I am so happy and honored to finally introduce this project that has been long in the making. 

This is only the beginning....stay tuned! 




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