Expressing my Heart & Soul

December 23, 2018


"Heart & Soul" was the theme of this all ladies Detroit art exhibition last night. It was a great honor to showcase my work alongside a talented and creative group of women. My favorite part was having the chance to paint a mural for the show. The theme really inspired me to be raw with my art again. I didn't have much time to come up with a concept..

...but as I meditated on the theme, an idea came to me that felt like a genuine soul expression. A woman rising from a calm sea of water is what came through. She is in her divine feminine power. She is gentle in her arrival as she emerges in her own timing and grace. She is arriving to her full actualization. Queen•Mother•Goddess
This is how I feel. This is what I feel. Women are rising. The Indigenous Woman is rising. The Original Woman is rising. This concept came naturally and effortlessly. I painted live and allowed myself to make errors..allowed myself to be raw...allowed myself to share my flaws. This theme allowed me to tap into my feminine essence and power. When I was learning how to paint I used to just do it..I didn't care whether it was "perfect" or "technical". What mattered to me was just painting what I felt..just doing it, and doing it again, and another project, and another. I would give away my art to make room to do new projects. That passion... finding its way back to me. Heart and Soul has allowed me to tap into that raw, care-free creative within me. I am thankful for this experience and to have shared my heart through my art....2019 will be filled with soulful expressions! Thanks for observing...please stay tuned.


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